Victoria Harbour Young Artist Initiative, Docklands, Melbourne, 2010

Will Heathcote Docklands 2010Will Heathcote Docklands 3Will Heathcote, Syhthesis (vaulted sequence), 2010. Existing Pepperbery Trees, plastic packing wrap, tape

Selected to be part of the 2010 Victoria Harbour Young Artist Initiative. Participating Artists included; Jethro Harcourt, Sarah Jane Haywood, Linda Spencer, Amie Anderson, Ben Taranto and Will Heathcote. See links for further information

Synthesis aims to foreground organic form and its role in architectural space. By transforming the surface of a tree into one which reflects synthetic integrity, it plays on relationship of surface, substance and form. Although decorative and visually striking it also projects a synthesised form of organism in a composed and designed environment. With the overhung branches of the plants coming to resemble the structure of an enclosed pathway or vaulted aisle, I foresee them being illuminated not as trees but as preordained fixtures in a planed landscape. Drawing on a wealth of architectural history from the Romanesque column to the surrounding Docklands facades, the new surface will cast the trees into a new state of being. Approached and entered from either end, this arrangement will be illuminated as a structured space of classical dimensions and forced composition.

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