McClelland Sculpture Award and Survey, McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, Frankston, VIC, 2012

Will Heathcote McClelland #1Will Heathcote McClelland #3 4. Will Heathcote McClelland #514. Will Heathcote_McClelland #4


Will Heathcote, Synthesis (38°08’36.92” S, 145°10’36.55” E), existing eucalypts, industrial enamel coating, 2012

This work was accepted to be part of the 2012 McClelland Award and Survey along with around 30 other artists. It was situated in the sculpture park for close to a year and presented a deceased tree form, sourced from the park’s grounds and coated in a thick black enamel film. The synthetic skin cast the otherwise familiar form into a new state of being.

For more information see:

See a review of the exhibition:

Photo: Will Heathcote

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