20° S 135° E, Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 2014

20° S 135° E, Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 2014

Will Heathcote_Craft micro web version

‘Red Centre’, Framed Archival Ink Jet Pigment Print, 50cm x 50cm, 2014, edition of 1

Will Heathcote_20° S 135° E_2

‘Isoptera 3 (rock salt series)’ moulded and cast termite mound from location, rock salt, resin, 60cm x 55cm, 35cm, 2014

Will Heathcote_Craft #3Will Heathcote_Craft #1Will Heathcote_Craft #2















See an interview with Will Heathcote at: http://www.craft.org.au/news/gallery-interview-will-heathcote/

20° S 135° E is the primary outcome of a broader self-directed residency program in various locations throughout regional Australia. Working from a cattle station in central Northern Territory, the artist presents a physical engagement with a specific piece of land in Australia’s centre – 20° S 135° E – mapping, moulding and casting it into an entirely new state of being.

Through actions, sculptural intervention, site specific casting and photography, Heathcote aims to physically explore the territory between controlled and uncontrolled environments unearthing a wealth of material in typical projections of the outback.

See a running blog detailing the broader touring residency program through Australia at: http://hoteljuliet60.wordpress.com/

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.